I can and I will. That’s what I say to myself whenever I face a challenge.

No big endeavor ever began with doubt. For me, anything I want deserves all the efforts of the world––no matter what I desire.

Because of that, I have numerous big endeavors! I don’t think linearly in terms of one big endeavor at a time. Life is filled with big endeavors for me each and every day. I never allow limited thinking or anyone’s idea of who I should or shouldn’t be to get in the way of the endeavors I pursue. In fact, every endeavor I pursue isn’t limited with labels at all––forget big or small. Every endeavor is important. Everyone deserves the utmost courage, strength, and perseverance.

When I pursue life in this way, it becomes easy for me to plan, start and execute these dreams––as if there’s a universal magnet which helps me to attract what I want into my life. I intentionally think about ease and grace in all my relationships whether business and personal.

It is not only smart to set the intention of getting what we want easily, but the secret is in how much we really want it! To define those things that we desire is part of attracting them into our life. So many of us are caught in our to-do lists and the minutiae of life that we spend precious little time pondering the big questions of life.

What you want wants you too.

It is the moments that we take out of our day for ourselves that we get in touch with the desires of our heart and are better able to name what we need and want. If you are in search of a big endeavor or struggle with vague ideas about what you really want out of life, then I encourage you to take the time you need to get back in touch with yourself. This is easy to do when you deem yourself worthy enough to fit into your schedule. I challenge you to block out an hour for yourself this week after you read this post. You are worth the effort and time.

Your big endeavor might not rise to the surface in one long walk. But when your psyche gets used to the idea that on this certain day during this special time you’ve carved out, it will be available to you to speak about your desires during the time you’ve allotted. That’s when the magic happens, during small predictable moments while engaging in activities that bring you joy––climbing a mountain, walking the dog, swimming in a pool, fixing a gourmet meal, playing the piano, or painting a sunset.

“Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

––Napoleon Hill, American self-help author of Think, and Grow Rich

As Mr. Hill points out, it is important to not only conceive the idea but believe in it too. There is no point in dreaming big if you don’t believe in the dream. This is when affirmations can help.

Perhaps you believe in a dream that is so big you can’t get your head around deserving it or how to accomplish it. This is called resistance. So to get rid of this resistance and invite ease into your journey. It might help you to write down ways to think about the big dream differently. Like “big dreams are my birthright,” “provision comes all the time in expected and unexpected ways,” “big dreams come true every day and mine will too.” This way you call out your doubt instead of letting it live in the shadows. And anything, when brought into the light, is no longer able to surprise or sabotage.

I see resistance all the time with people I work with. People who are achieving or just about to complete their biggest endeavor meet massive blocks. Lots of times resistance is rooted in the fact that they just don’t believe in their dream deep down because they feel they aren’t worthy, ready, able––or a host of other reasons people feel unfit to get what they’ve always wanted. Things begin to slip away just out of their reach or become difficult to finish.

It’s hard to land the plane when you take your hands off the controls.

And this is exactly what you do when you have a dream that you don’t own. By this, I mean owning your dream means believing it will come true with all your heart. What good is it to put an idea out there and not believe in it?

Yet we do this all the time. Why?

Because we are afraid that if we believe in our dream and our big endeavor doesn’t come true, then we have put our self out there in a way that could cause us pain. But here’s the thing––we could potentially fail at anything, so why not try to achieve your deepest desires? There are no points given in life for settling for the next best thing.

Go for it! How do you know you will make it unless you try AND believe?

Reserve you priceless efforts for valuable matters. 

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