The more I think about life, the more horizons come into view. In  these moments I get pulled deeper into their vastness and all that they  symbolize.

When I contemplate a beautiful horizon, often looking longingly at  the peaceful place where the sun’s rays stretch over the sea, I don’t  think about constrictions and limitations. Rather, that single line  between the heavens and earth represents an expansive energy of the  unknown and worlds beyond. It represents the call we all have to explore  and digs up the questions we have inside about journeys left to take  and places we might visit, both near and far. It causes me to pause and  question the places I might want to discover within my own heart. This  essentially was one of the inspirations behind my new book HEARTBEATS OF  THE MIND, a philosophical ride to help people overcome their own  struggles and find a way to thrive against all odds based on my survival  story and my experience in life. 

A horizon is something to gravitate toward, not shrink from. It  invites us to discovery and beauty, often finding us in contemplation of  the adventurous and glorious. A kind of dare to get into your boat and  sail out to see what’s in store.

This is the way limitations speak into my life. They are a beautiful dare.

Yes, we do have limits. We have the bodies we inhabit and all their  great flaws and beauty. We have an unknown amount of time to inhabit  this world and a limited amount of power to exert. Our limitations also  revolve around our specialized knowledge, crafted by our unique  experiences and insights. But this doesn’t mean we should limit  ourselves. Within these limitations lie endless options to live and  explore, feel and enjoy.

I see life as an expansive unknown, one that goes on forever in all  directions and takes our breath away. The simplicity of our limitations  make the expansiveness of our possibilities more precious, I suppose.

So set what you perceive as your limitations aside. If only for today.

“The world of reality has its limits; the world of imagination is boundless.”

––Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Genevan philosopher, writer, and composer

What would you do today if you believed in your limitless  potential? If you knew and counted on the fact that you’d be able to not  only accomplish what you set out to do but far exceed your expectations  of what you can achieve? What if today you fully expected to knock out  your to-do list and much, much more?

How would you feel? How would this limitless attitude affect your  relationships? Would you be more present in that last-minute lunch with  your daughter? Would you be more willing to make room for an extra long  walk? Would you read the chapter in that book you always wanted to read  but never got around to? How would this idea of expansiveness create  more space for you and your creativity?  

I believe you would not only be happier, but also you would allow  yourself the ability to dream bigger and calmly gain greater focus in  the direction of your dreams.

We can be our own enemy sometimes just by the attitude we choose to  wake up with each morning. It’s time to rise and shine in new ways,  believing in your limitless ability to create and thrive in the life you  are living. This one single shift in attitude––from seeing all your  limitations to claiming your limitless possibilities instead––can change  your life today in this minute. Believe the best about yourself and  every situation. Don’t come down on the side of the negative. Set the  idea of limits aside and live fully in each moment instead of rushing to  accomplish things.

Lastly, I want to leave you with a positive note about limitations.  They often help to clarify how we respond to difficulties and  challenges which is the best way we can learn how to eliminate stress  from our lives. The key to peace is how we respond to interruptions and  disruptions in our lives brought on by various limitations whether  internal or external. In these moments we can rest in the fact that we  aren’t defined by our limits, we are defined by our response to them and  what we do to overcome.

“It’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it.”

––Lou Holtz, American Football Player, and coach


Part memoir-part fantasy HEARTBEATS OF THE MIND delights readers  with a poetic picture of survival through a mystical, magical world of  hope and beauty readers will never want to leave. One where having  conversations about life with Einstein, Thoreau, and Fatema Mernissi are  as likely to occur as finding the courage to beat death and shame  cancer. This is much more than a novel about surviving cancer though. It  is a fantastical philosophical ride that will not only help readers  overcome their own struggles, but find a way to thrive against all odds  courtesy of the wit and wisdom of a lady who has the secrets to  processing pain and face life, death, and everything in between by  always choosing happiness.

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