“Dreams don’t have to stop because something got in the way.” –– S.C.

I’ve forever been a dreamer. And I’ve learned to never quit on my dreams.

Some of my biggest dreams were interrupted by events that got in  the way––ones that I could have never imagined! When I think about my  dreams, I realize that many of the most important dreams had to wait for  various reasons, many include very unpleasant situations and  circumstances.

Yet, these times of interruptions often served as points of clarity  for me. A kind of birthing period that needed to occur to accomplish my  dreams at the right time when I had the skills I needed, and even  helped me to clarify my dream’s original vision. But I never let these  interruptions discourage me. I simply allowed the universe to bring  their fulfillment in its timing, not mine. Never replacing one dream  with another, I always keep on dreaming.  

It’s easy to say, I realize, to never give up on your dream.

Especially when some interruptions are more frustrating or even  humiliating than others considering the point in time that your dream  has been interrupted. For instance, when the interruption comes after  years, even decades of hard work, and happens in the home stretch just  when you thought you’d had it completed. The sadness that arises can be  equally difficult to combat when you have just launched your dream, and  everything goes sideways right at the beginning, like the failure of a  new restaurant or new business.

However, no matter when the interruption comes, it is essential  that we don’t take the timing or circumstances personally. There is  simply a lesson to be learned. If we can instead of focusing our  energies on our frustrations to learning what we might do differently,  we will find the wisdom that can be mined to see the dream to its  completion.

I have personally found that dreams can be revived when you put  your heart and soul into their accomplishment. This occurs best when I  am better able to respond to the interruption instead of reacting and  shut down. In this way, I have found new ways to accomplish my dreams  that have been more consistent with my values and therefore more  meaningful to me.

Even though I am still pursuing and achieving the dreams of my  childhood, I believe it’s important to never give up for any  reason––don’t give any energy to the interruption. Instead, focus on the  bridge you might build to get to the other side. In my experience,  there is always a way. It might not come to you in a day or a week, but  if you merely put the awareness that the dream will come true in a way  you can’t imagine now, you will be open to possibilities you never  thought possible previously.

I have learned the wisdom of only letting go of what I don’t want  anymore, or what I no longer need. After all, dreams do change.

There’s no better feeling than seeing your dreams come true. And  the ones that are the sweetest are dreams interrupted, especially those  that caused you to wait a very long time.

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