Do a new thing in 2019

Maybe like most people, you are meeting 2019 the way you always have––wanting to change some things about yourself or your circumstances but not wanting to suffer through breaking the same old resolutions. Saying goodbye to the old year like you always have by spending lots of money on the same people and parties, only to wake up feeling more empty and possibly more alone than ever before.

Instead, do a new thing.

Forget the former things and don’t dwell on the past. Happy memories are wonderful things, of course, but those things that no longer serve are best left behind when the clock strikes the first second of 2019.

But, we don’t need the turning over of a new year to make important changes. If our calendar wasn’t Gregorian, after all, we could be celebrating a new year on practically any day of the year. New Year’s Eve is but a gateway, a symbol marking what we welcome in and what no longer continues. So embrace what has never existed before, and what has never been made or discovered––the you of today, at this moment––what you want and do not want to become. Maybe for you, this looks like letting go of enabling an abusive family member, or seeking to bring greater peace through understanding, or just laughing more.

Breathe into this pivotal moment of freshness. A moment that can be born within your heart any day, at any time.

Feed the thoughts you love and accomplishments you aspire to by watering them with encouragement, and acknowledging where you want to go and how you want to get there. Take one step in that direction every day. By walking through the wilderness of your dreams and good intentions in this way, you will soon come upon streams that will feed your spirit which will allow you to see the next steps that will soon find you achieving everything you dreamed.

So next year, after our planet has encircled the sun for yet another time, you will feel the energy around your dreams heighten and grow so that you will not just be one year older but much wiser. You will have learned how to throw off the old ways and patterns that no longer suit you and instead fill yourself up with the discoveries and adventures that will lead you to become fully alive and more yourself.

Welcome to the journey of living the rhythm of the heartbeats of your mind. What old thing are you looking to leave behind, and what new thing will you begin this year?

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