“I’ve lived through many bad events in my life and know that even the bad things are good. Happiness is always interwoven in the bad things. Life is lived within this dichotomy. Essentially, life is risk.” – S.C.

I never remember a moment in my life when I wasn’t risking something! I’m a risk taker by nature, and I am never afraid of losing everything for the sake of hope. To me, this feels like winning everything.

There’s nothing in life which doesn’t demand decisions. Yet, there’s always a risk around the corner! My hope lies in that risk. I jump into the unknown and the risky the same way many people plunge into the sea. They awaken and refresh me and remind me that I am alive.

I am captivated with the thrill of life. In fact, the very definition of life, in my opinion, means developing comfort with the mysteries of the unknown. In this peaceful space, I cease to struggle and to control. Instead, I begin to plant the seeds for positive outcomes because I’m no longer bewitched and confused by risk. I am able to look beyond the immediate struggle to the absolute fulfillment of my dreams. One cannot be alive without taking risks.

I find no pleasure in easy accompaniments or the familiar. Risk taking and life deserve bravery.

What have you risked lately? What are you willing to risk? What has taken your breath away? Knowing the risk isn’t the same as living with it. If you could name one outcome this week that is too risky to even contemplate, instead of freezing up try just diving in. It’s the only way to live. How else will we know our full potential?

Life is not meant to be lived on a shelf. Can you imagine if we carefully tested everything out before we tried anything? No one only theorizes about swimming and swims. You must jump into the water to swim. We only learn how to swim by swallowing a little water and flailing our arms. By trusting while we kick. Knowing that each move will bring us wisdom and get us closer to our next adventure.

Leave the shore of your worries on waves of risk that will show you more beauty than you can ever see with your feet stuck in the sand. Don’t measure your strokes. Instead, ride the waves and feel the joy of freedom and nature while learning from life’s great teacher––risk.

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