How much do you need to break your patterns? How to start ?!

That’s easy!  Unleash your desires…do something new…eat a weird recipe, change your look, dye your hair, sing with an ugly voice, do what makes you happy, begin a new daily routine.

You can never achieve a new feeling if you don’t do something you haven’t done before! You can’t change anything before changing your habits.

The beginning of breaking a pattern starts with awareness. What is your cycle? How does it usually manifest itself? Do you find yourself in the same situation time and time again? Do you have the same complaints you did ten years ago? If so, you are stuck in a pattern.

Don’t blindly follow this well-worn path anymore. Recognize your patterns for what they are. And then consciously CHOOSE to break free.

Take responsibility for your pattern and realize that you are the only one who has the power to save yourself, no one else deserves to have that kind of control over you. While the current situation you face may not be under your control, how you respond to it and move forward is entirely under your control.

But our emotions can derail the best-laid plans. Left unchecked, emotions can sabotage our best efforts. We are not our feelings, and when we attach to them, we usually end up repeating old patterns. If you can just take a beat and understand the root of your reactions, you can be free to respond in different ways in the future which is a powerful way to blaze new paths.

Try to learn from your old patterns and accept that they have powerful lessons to teach, then take time to understand those lessons. When you learn then you are free to make different choices.

A lot of our behavior is automatic meaning that we react instead of responding to situations. Response takes thoughtful consideration. When you get clear, you are able to see unfamiliar choices, even though they might feel uncomfortable at first. Exercising these choices helps you stretch and find new outcomes for old problems. It’s work to break patterns, but you will see rich rewards in a life lived in freedom.

And it all begins with the desire to switch things up––take a new path to the beach, rearrange your furniture, call someone you haven’t spoken to for a while, do anything unexpected. Enjoy the thrill of giving your life a different flavor. The taste of freedom.

Live tomorrow free of your yesterdays.
Life wants to provide abundant choices with limitless possibilities.

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